The Holy Land

November 2011

November trip to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, including Tel Aviv, Caesaria, Haifa, Tiberias, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ein Gedi, Masada, Eilat, Petra

Caesarea beach is popular with kiters Caesarea exterior - an old Roman fortress Typical tourists admiring Roman art The remains of the Roman baths Which Roman city could survive without an amphitheatre? Israeli mamma with her cats An ingenious piece of Roman technology - the aqueduct Abandoned building in Haifa opposite from the Port Inn Parking with a view East Haifa One of the guards of the Bahai gardens Market in Akko - an Arabic city No drinking in muslims bars - but tea, waterpipes and games are popular Smoke till you drop - partying without the alcohol A fish with a hole with Haifa in the background, very prosaic description :-) Akko harbour Akko boasts some quality dining options by the sea At a shisha bar Haifa from across the bay, Bahai gardens in the center Aseri shisha-master al-Mualliq mosque The lower Bahai gardens, where non-Bahai are not allowed to go Upper Bahai gardens - Bahai is the 4th largest monotheistic relion, operating more like a sect. The temple in the gardens is their most sacred place. You can take guided tour of the upper part. Storm is coming to (still) sunny Haifa The Bahai temple Approaching the Sea of Gallilee, where Jesus walked on the water Bloody roots! Lonely Jewish boy during Shabbat It is forbidden to work during Shabbat, but you can still pose with a handsome foreigner Holyland sailing - no comments :-) Both internal seas of Israel are way below proper sea level Properly dresses Jewish boys - with payots (sidelocks) and those funny strings hanging from their shirts Human hair vs Tree roots :-) Mosque in the moon Abandoned mosque in Tiberias See of Galilee is 214m below sea level Nazareth night bazaar Muslim celebrations of Eid al-Adha are starting - when the God prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Spiderman and Spongebob also celebrate one of the biggest Muslim holidays Free coconut chocolate bars for everyone! While Muslims are dancing like crazy celebrating Eid Al-Adha, Christians have their regular Saturday prayer in Basilica of the Annunciation A hostel in an ancient building in Nazareth Authentic industrial coffee grinder This kind of guys sell water in many Arabic countries Empty side streets of Nazareth Nazareth by night Morning performance at the hostel Hostel's courtyard Inside of the White Mosque, I wonder what these numbers on the wall mean Basilica of the Annunciation Lady Madonna with Japanese influence Lady Madonna with Cambodian influence The possibly authentic grotto of St Mary Place for Christian pilgrimage Here St Mary ate, slept, and everything Dirty games They are only playing, aren't they? The most pervert Christian image I have seen The grotto of St Joseph - you would expect him to live near home of St Mary, wouldn't you? Arabic Christians still exist in our world Not only Jesus was a boy from Nazareth Pomegranate drinks, yummy! Entering West bank, just passed lots of military guys with guns! The state of agriculture in West Bank I see Jordan Abandoned spooky gas station in the West Bank Trilingual sign The disputed border with Jordan is well protected An attack? There was a copter leaving this place a minute ago as well Most of the roads to Jericho are purposely damaged Big brother is watching you Bedouin camel Bedouin camp Hashimi hotel in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem - you are not allowed to drink alcohol nor sleep with anyone except your official wife :-) Streets of Muslim quarter Jewish quarter welcomes you! The newly built synagogue The whining wall, with men whining on the left, women - on the right You never get bored watching Jews rocking next to the wall The military must show their respect as well during days off Female soldiers are kept separate from their male colleagues An unorthodox (and fake) Jew Some prefer to prayer in a warmer hall next to the wall outside If you forgot your own book of prayer - no problem! Some Jews travel remarkable distances from across the World for a honour to pray here Hebrew is written with funny characters. It's interesting that this resurrected language now overtook Yiddish that most Jews spoke in Europe The Torah said that you should not cut off hair next to your ears. Proper Jews follow this advice resulting in stylish sidelocks called Payot It looks almost like a wall could listen The nights in Jerusalem are chilly The remains of Roman architecture excavated under the present street. These Romans got everywhere! Giant octopus overlooking a street in Armenian quarter An Armenian home One of the Churches that claim to be The First Jewish study room The Dome of The Rock from the roofs of Jerusalem The southern edge of the Old City Via Dolorosa Non-alcoholic relaxation Sunrise over Temple Mount Ethiopian monks The Old City, as seen from the Olive Mount Old city walls Endless cemetery - the Jews buried here will be the first to ascend to the Heaven Where was my grand-x100-father? Russian Orthodox: A poser Nabatean tomb in the Jewish cemetery? East Jerusalem I wonder why in East Jerusalem would you need such a car? A sexual dream of any normal man :-) Party, party, party! Arabic wedding? The entrance to the Temple Mount - closed to non-Muslims  most of the time The guy failed to explain me what is the meaning of it, even though he spoke fluent Russian - it just something that foreign Jews like to wear for prayer. And they pay for wearing this. Jerusalem on CCTV Bazaar The Master of Falafels Testing of local darboukas Orthodox nuns from Ukraine Muslim girls posing in the only Protestant Church in Jerusalem The Protestant church offers one of the best aerial views of the Old City for only 5 shekels Muslims walking around the Temple Mount, others are not allowed for the whole week due to the holidays Church of the Holy Scripture A holy gardener World Peace Center Office is closed for indefinite time... Let's hope it will once be reopened! Bedouin cattle Socializing with Bedouins Internals of a Bedouin hut Road 1 from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea Socializing with Bedouins Bedouin tea - some claim to be addicted to it Wadi Qelt and a pagan's prayer Greek Orthodox monastery in the West Bank Monastery of St. George of Koziba, dated from 6th century Jericho Dead Sea by night Israeli fighter planes were flying very low... Just before Hamas announced a possible war Arabic youth smoking and watching Israeli jet fighters over Dead Sea The Snake path to Masade - the last stronghold of Israel It wasn't easy to wake up at 5 am and start climbing without a proper breakfast! Sunrise over Jordan Roman baths - king Herod was a Roman convert to Judaism An ancient Synagogue Romans took their time to build this ramp to eventually conquer Masada - Chuck Norris should be a Roman for sure A secret crypt that probably was used for storing of water In the lack of vegetation, even a cactus is a good food Ein Gedi in the day time